There is Life Out of This World

I was alone. It was quiet. The sun was low, but rising steadily, offering shadows to the earth as I watched from the rim of the volcano. I half expected R2D2 and C3PO to shuffle across the sand beside me. No droids, just silence, sand, rock and space.

Glorious Morning

Glorious Morning

I descended into Haleakala Crater inhaling the frigid morning air grateful for my layers of clothing and sturdy hiking boots. My camera shutter clicked with melodious rhythm as I hiked along.

Oops! I should look where I’m going. I tripped on a small rock and fell down, then rolled down, and stopped. I laughed out loud and the sound was mysteriously whisked away within the crater.

I was glad I had shoved Band Aids in my rucksack along with seven bottles of water. As the day progressed, the sun rose higher in the sky and I had to shed some clothes.

From Inside Haleakala

Marveling at This Magical Creation

I stood peacefully for a moment marveling at the scenery before me. The sound of silence was interrupted by the gentle thumping of my heartbeat, a heartbeat that I was sharing with my sister, whom I was very close to, and who had died six months earlier.

I wanted to live more of my life because she could no longer live hers, and this trip was a way for me to keep doing that.

Small Beauty

Small Beauty

A Silver Sword

A Silver Sword

There were beautiful, small signs of life inside Haleakala as I hiked along. Silver Swords dotted the earth with shimmering brilliance.

Out of This World

Out of This World

I am not very religious, but whether one is a proponent of the big bang scientific theory, theology, or a combination of the two, enveloping myself inside Haleakala Crater was the place for me to explore these ideas.

Every breath and every step I took was sacred. The electric energy of the crater resonated inside me.

The Switchback

The Switchback

Even though I had to climb out on the switchback trail, the feeling of being in the great crater stayed with me.

Dana Haleakla0001

Emerging 11.7 miles later, exhausted, energized and transformed, I realized it was the end of the hike, but the beginning of everything else.

The Psychology of life is electric, eclectic, and a new daily experience. This is what inspires me to absorb sights, sounds, and feelings. It helps me to laugh, cry, sing and dance.


About Dana J. Dewey

I was a slow learner as a child and to overcome my fear of school, as an adult I attended many of them. I ended up with a master of science degree in counseling psychology and I'm a licensed mental health counselor who is passionate about mental health. This blog is about life, joy, and the pursuit of good mental health, and the eclectic way in which it's achieved. I'm blogging a memoir, The Tail Gunner's Daughter, and later, Parent-Able: Seven Strategies for Raising a Physically Disabled Child Without Going Insane.
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