It’s About Time

It’s been over a year since I’ve blogged and I could come up with tons of excuses, but I’m going to stick to the most popular one; I ran out of spare time! The person who invented the spare tire is a genius. You get a flat, rummage through the trunk and pull out a spare. I would like to pop the trunk lid, rummage inside and pull out a spare segment of time. Dream on. My life has proved to be as eclectic as this domain, but I think that’s a good thing.

For this spare moment that I’ve carved out of laundry time, I’m going to talk about, shh, hush-hush . . . the government. Watching the news about all the scandals in Washington D.C. including the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Benghazi, the IRS, etc. and all the government employees and department heads reluctantly appearing before congressional oversight committees, a question came to me. What if Eric Shinseki, Hilary Clinton, Lois Lerner, or anyone else under fire, after a minute of grilling from the committee, shot out of their chair and said, “It was my fault. I was in charge, I was running things and the responsibility lies with me and I’d like to apologize and try to repair the damage incurred on my watch.” Other than being an “Oh My God” moment, time itself may stop. But following such an oration, and since time only stops on Syfy, within seconds the dropped jaws would flap again. However, wouldn’t it be great if from that brief silence a new era of honesty and integrity would emerge? On second thought, that may be too eclectic.

Since I started this post days ago, Eric Shinseki has resigned and I spent too much time looking for the free photo store to upload photos of Congressional hearings. I’ve been away for over a year and I think I lost my “foter,” and once again got lost inside my dashboard.

Happy to ya,



About Dana J. Dewey

I was a slow learner as a child and to overcome my fear of school, as an adult I attended many of them. I ended up with a master of science degree in counseling psychology and I'm a licensed mental health counselor who is passionate about mental health. This blog is about life, joy, and the pursuit of good mental health, and the eclectic way in which it's achieved. I'm blogging a memoir, The Tail Gunner's Daughter, and later, Parent-Able: Seven Strategies for Raising a Physically Disabled Child Without Going Insane.
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